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Cheers, cheese & wine Event
Friday 15th, February

9.00 - Registration desk is open

10.00 - Presentation and welcome addresses by the Organizing Committee

Morning (Session 1): Visual attention & perception
  • 10.15 - Vigué-Guix, I.: The importance of alpha phase in visual perception: a real-time study
  • 10.40 - Ghiani, A.: tACS at beta frequency improves target discrimination in a crowding task
  • 11.05 - Hanning, N.: Better late than never: it takes you longer to attend to more distant locations
  • 11.30 - Calignano, G.: The target representation: an EEG study on visual attention deployment during sentence verification
12.00 - Lunch


Afternoon (Session 2): Face & emotion processing
  • 13.00 - Maffei A.: Primary psychopathy is linked with blunted subjective and cortical reactivity to unpleasant film
  • 13.25 - La Rocca S.: Have I seen you before? A virtual reality study
  • 13.50 - Bagnis A.: Racial bias in emotion recognition: an fMRI study
  • 14.15 - Baccolo E.: Neural correlates of 6-month-old infants' sensitivity to facial cues to trustworthiness
Afternoon: 14.45 - Poster mini-talks

15.50 - Coffee-break

Afternoon (Session 3): Goal-directed action & agency
  • 16.20 - Guerra, S.: Goal-directed actions in plants: a kinematical approach
  • 16.45 - Czeszumski A.: The social situation affects how we process feedback about our actions
  • 17.05 - Roselli, C.: Vicarious Sense of Agency in Human-Robot Interaction

  • 19.00 - For those who like to sledge, our Meeting will continue on the Plose area: the Friday Night Fever. In the evening there is no public trasportation, so we will reach the ski resort by ourselves (who's coming to Brixen by car and wants to participate is automatically enrolled as chauffeur...!).


Saturday 24th February

Morning (Session 4): Neuropsychology & psychopathology
  • 10.00 - Belkhir, R.: Beyond accuracy: Using Response Time to Infer Eloquent Cortex with Intra-Op Electrical Stimulation
  • 10.25 - D’Alessandro M.: A Dynamic Bayesian Network accounts for complex patterns of behaviour in a set-shifting task
  • 10.50 - Bertram, M.: Dopamine-Mediated Alterations of Novelty Processing in Patients with Parkinson's Disease
  • 11.15 - Oliva, R.: The impulsive brain: neural correlates of binge eating in normal-weight individuals
12.00 - Lunch


Afternoon: Poster session (13.00 - 14.30):
  • Gr.1.1 – Hauck, P.: Crossmodal correspondences between music and ambient light
  • Gr.1.2 – Minissi, M.E.: Commercial Video Games: role of cognitive abilities and individual differences in new-games play
  • Gr.1.3 – Della Longa, L.: Does affective touch modulate visual preference to faces in early infancy? Psychophysiological study
  • Gr.1.4 – Moschella, M.: Computational thinking: how teachers can discern abstraction, decomposition and use of algorithms
  • Gr.2.1 – Grossa, M.B.: Teaching Italian Articles to Persian-speaking adult learners
  • Gr.2.2 – Piazza, G.: Gender processing in Spanish patients with aphasia. A case study on priming and Semantic gender
  • Gr.2.3 – Gastaldon, S.: Patterns of α and β neural oscillations in language prediction and production
  • Gr.2.4 – Johnston, S.: Attention Network Routes to Reading Accuracy: Less is More
  • Gr.3.1 – Vitolo, E.: Dorsal attention and cognitive engagement during production of Rorschach responses: an fMRI study
  • Gr.3.2 – Colombari, E.: The role of right TPJ in attentional reorientation: a fast optical imaging study
  • Gr.3.3 – Ngan, M. F. E.: Where am eye? Subjective gaze moves continuously in space before saccade onset
  • Gr.3.4 – Menghini, L.: Psychophysiology of Daily Life: Fluctuations in Affective, Cognitive and Physiological Processes
  • Gr.4.1 – Rizzi, E.: Episodic and autobiographical events activate different spatial frame of the Mental Time Line
  • Gr.4.2 – Ara, E.: The neural correlates of memory trainings: a pilot voxel-based morphometry study
  • Gr.4.3 – Gironimi, M.: Object naming supports the emergence of generalized categorical spaces
  • Gr.4.4 – Dodwell, G.: EEG evidence for improved visual working memory performance during standing and exercise
  • Gr.5.1 – Altomare, E.: Views of the extended environmental space facilitate walking
  • Gr.5.2 – Verga, C.: Motor predictions in the aging brain: neurofunctional evidence
  • Gr.5.3 – Stoll, E.: The Impact of Psychosocial Stress on Rule- and Plan-Based Movement Selection
  • Gr.5.4 – Neszmélyi, B.: Processing of auditory action effects during interhuman and human-machine interactions


Afternoon (Session 5): Memory & higher order cognition
  • 14.30 - Marcotti, P.: Using 360° videos to study visual perspective in immersive memories
  • 14.55 - Annerer-Walcher, S.: ---Missing Title---
  • 15.20 - Lopez, A.: Memory for familiar locations: The effect of age, education and cognitive efficiency
  • 15.55 - Conte, F.P.: Capturing Cognitive Reserve in Adolescence

  • 16.30 - The Smart Talk, Alessandra Sciutti: The new frontiers in human-robot interaction.
  • Then: "Valiant Award" & "Painter Award"
  • Then: Cheers, cheese & wine event: a selection of wines from the South-Tyrol region will be offered to participants. Several sorts of wines will be tasted along with sandwiches, salami, cheese & bread, while talking and commenting about this edition of the CSA meeting. The Event will start at the end of the Awards, and will end after that the last drop of wine has fall into a glass. Each glass is different from the other ones, and (if you indicated you want it) you can bring it at home with you!